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Genfest 2012 “Let’s bridge”: all protagonists!


Budapest (Hungary) – August 31 – September 2, 2012

A network of thousands of young people at the Zero Hour. 12,000 present in Budapest. Link-up with New Zealand, Indonesia and Sweden. Live on television. Internet live streaming. Mounting traffic on social networks.

There is great anticipation a week before the Genfest. The youth of the Focolare have been working for more than a year on all the details of this event, along with the adults of the Movement, in a communion of ideas and professional experiences that have created the Genfest program. 

The theme of Genfest 2012 "Let's bridge" is to build bridges of brotherhood. The program follows the idea of building a bridge : digging in the dirt, erecting the pillars, building the bridge, walking over the bridge. Each step will be illustrated with choreography, songs and testimonies of fraternity lived in daily life. There is the much-awaited talk of Maria Voce, President of the Focolare Movement, as well as the launch of the United World Project.

Three thousand volunteers and 600 actors, technicians and staff are involved.


Among the official channels on social networks, there are Facebook pages in 7 languages and Twitter channels in 4 languages. The Facebook fan pages are now more than 7,600 – majority are young people 18 to 24 years - and arrive to about 76,000 people each week. The hashtag for the event is #genfest.


Zsolt is Hungarian, an economist and is 30 years old. "I take charge of the lodging where the youth coming from other countries will stay and I will guard the stage (already built) in the days preceding the Sunday's religious functions. I’m so excited to help in the food distribution during the time of general rehearsal."


“We are 27 Peruvian youth who will go to Budapest” - said Fabricio, 26, a civil engineer. “We believe strongly that universal brotherhood is not a utopia, it is a way of life to which we adhered and we want to bring it ahead through activities from small actions to large events. We are aware that we are young and we do not have so many personal resources, but we're united. The journey has already begun.”


The last Genfest was held in 2000 and this year - Tenth Edition - will be the first since the death of Chiara Lubich, founder of Focolare Movement (1920-2008). She will be remembered during the Genfest with video excerpts and artistic presentations.

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Data: 24 August 2012
Data: 24 August 2012