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Let’s bridge! Zero hour to Genfest 2012

Budapest, August 31, 2012

On this afternoon, in the “bridge city”, theater and ideal frames of the event start.
12000 youth are gathered at Budapest and in some hours are going to kick off the Genfest 2012.

Connected in their countries, many people will follow the event through a world direct satellite television, shot by 4 national and regional television, one live streaming in 8 languages (http://www.genfest.org/live), one web TV, 7 official channels on Facebook in 7 languages and other social networks.


The Genfest numbers:

104 countries: almost 8500 from Europe (3700 from Eastern Europe), 850 from Asia, 1300 from Americas, about a hundred from Africa and a small group from Oceania, 250 from the Middle East

Two thirds are Christians from different churches, about a hundred are from other religions, and a significant participation of people from other cultures.

Genfest will be translated into 27 languages.

The program which begins this afternoon was preceded by some other events in Budapest: inauguration of the “Universal Brotherhood Site”, Workshops and the Gen Rosso concert, with more than 4000 spectators and this morning at the Parliament, it was welcomed an international delegation of Genfest.