Concerto Genfest 2012



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DAY 1: Star up & concert

SportArena, at 3 p.m.

The householder youths fromEastern Europe receive the 12.000 participants with stands that show their hospitality tradition with stands and there are also some artistic performances. 


It is the first time, since its first edition, in 1973, that Genfest leavesItalyand lands at Budapest.

At 7:30 p.m., punctual, the program in SportAréna start. Initial greetings of the three presenters, welcome speech of Budapest Mayor István Tarlós, greetings of the president of the General Conference of UNESCO, Katalin Bogyay, reading of the message of Pope Benedict XVI.


Afterwards, the concert. 22 songs chosen amongst several written by participants from all around the world and sent throughout the last months. Sometimes a DJ on minor stage present some remix of historical pieces from the last Genfests.


More than 400.000 people follow this night through direct live internet streaming and social networks.