Last March 4, the youth of Venezuela (from Maracaibo and Tamare Estado Zulia) spent the day with the elderly in a nursing home.
“It was a different afternoon, they recounted- an opportunity to practice love for neighbor, but also to receive as much. We tried to bring a bit of ‘color’ to those gray walls marked by solitude and abbandonment; there were great moments of chatter, mixed with music and magic tricks, which for a moment, were able to bring a smile to the sad faces of the elderly with whom we spent our time.”
Elizabeth shares: “When I arrived at the nursing home, I found myself talking to a lady who had a century of life! I imagined all that her eyes could have seen!
She had no children, only a nephew. I was amazed by her sense of humor, so unusual in a setting like hers. She wished to go, at all costs, to the lounge where the others were singing, playing instruments and doing magic tricks. She was thrilled and walked very slowly, but it was good to accompany her, because in the meantime we could talk about her life, rich with so many stories, which has really been a gift to me. Instead, another old lady told me that her son had left her at the nursing home 12 years ago and it has been her home since then. We talked a lot and I could not hold back my tears with her moving story. Then, with the others, we accompanied the elderly to the table for dinner and there we bid them goodbye; I will never forget that afternoon. It has marked my life forever.”
One step towards the Genfest: to begin building from now on a part of this "United World" wherever we are.