Between magic hands, fraternal communication and international contacts.

From the May 5th to 12th the young people of Maracaibo in Venezuela celebrated “United World Week” and, with three main activities, they gave depth and value to this week.

On Saturday 5th May they had the first Cine-Forum Genfest. 21 people participated, of which most were young people. They chose the Lia Bermúdez Art Centre as the meeting point in Maracaibo for the showing of “Manos Mágicas (Magic Hands)”, a film inspired in memory of Carson, a young boy from the suburbs of Detroit. When he was 33 years old he became the top Paediatric neurosurgeon at the John Hopkins University Clinic. Based on his life experience he decided to help other young people who came from needy urban areas with their education and personal development. He offered scholarships to those who showed merit in the academic field but who didn’t have the basic economic means.

This cinematographic projection spurred us all on to engage ourselves in taking the message of Jesus to every point of the world. We asked ourselves: What is there that we can’t do with our hands? And we arrived at the conclusion that you can do everything, that there is no need for a magician to make the magic of fulfilling many positive things for humanity. It gave us a great space to reflect, personally and collectively, and to choose to build a more united and prosperous world, full of values.

Then we had two young people, Alba Velasco and Cruz Ana Palmar, participate in a Radio program called: “Encuentro con Jesús (Meeting with Jesus)”. One of the girls that work there, Elizabeth Hidalgo, will be participating in the Genfest. It was an opportunity to give an idea of what the Genfest is and to talk about all the work we are doing to build it. We spoke about what the Youth for a United World want: to change the reality of the world in order to make it more united, with love lived out concretely. All 5 regions of our country followed the program: indeed, the media is a great means to building bridges towards unity!
To conclude the World Unity Week, we accompanied the third edition of Run4unity on May 12th at the Santa Mariana de Jesús School, where 50 people met together – children, youth, adults and – why not – also some grandparents.
We were linked-up with the youth from Argentina with whom we started various recreational activities. One of these was a Rally with 4 stations at which you had to complete an activity: aspects like co-operation, care for our environment, trust, teamwork, everything with the aim of universal brotherhood.
Between singing, dancing, games and photos, everyone said their Yes to Love, to fraternity, to unity... A commitment which will remain always in the heart and soul of each participant of Run4unity. Now the commitment is to fill all the hearts of the world.