A bridge between Bujumbura and Catania


The Youth for a United World (YUW) of Burundi just announced that they received a new keyboard for their band called "Gen Smile". This keyboard was purchased by the students of the Galileo High School of Catania.

It was a simple Skype connection between Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi and Catania, which built this bridge, during which, "Gen Smile" sung songs in Kirundi. After the Skype connection the students of Galileo High School had the idea to launch an idea called: "An ice cream for Burundi."

The youth of Burundi say: "We were amazed when three months later, during the next Skype call, the students of Galileo High School presented us with a  keyboard. The result was a small Skype concert with the tam-tam played in Burundi and the keyboard played in Catania. We learned that there was great enthusiasm  in in the Galileo High School where there  was a classroom full of young people who followed on a big screen. The principal of the school was present and very enthusiastic.

We said to ourselves that during this whole time we are living to "Build Bridges" but we know that bridges are built to be crossed, which we just did with great joy and unity for all.

Greetings from the Youth for a United World Bujumbura!



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