Building bridges at Vilnius to be one family


At Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, the Youth for a United World (YUW) organized dances and a team games evening in the “Mio Guru” café. Among the 28 participants there were young people, families and adults. The youngest was only six months old and the eldest was a Norwegian man.
“Lately, in our country there was a bit of tension between the Polish and the Lithuanians,” commented one of the participants.” “But during this evening all these tensions disappeared. We were, in fact, of various nationalities: Russians, Lithuanians and Polish, and also of various Christian denominations: Catholics, Orthodox and Reformed. There were also young people of non-religious convictions among us.” 
During the evening the dances and team games were alternated, and to give everyone the possibility to know one another, the teams were changed after every stage. “All the guests actively participated in the programme, they felt free and happy,” highlighted another participant. Now the commitment to ‘build bridges’ continues and the young people of Lithuania are preparing for the Genfest!