Chiara Luce and the Genfest

The Genfest in Budapest is almost here… four months to go! In 1990 there was one in Rome. It had a particular supporter, Chiara Badano, a young 18 year old girl that had cancer. She had been looking forward to it but couldn’t be physically present at the event due to the advanced state of the illness. However, she followed it from a distance with a special passion! Chiara knew the Youth for a United World of Savona very well (she lived in Sassello, a little town not far from the city): she had seen them being formed into a group, supporting their activities and didn’t miss the chance to invite her friends and classmates to the Genfest! Despite being immobilized, Chiara joyfully participated in the Genfest even with the distance. She followed it live, thanks to a satellite dish mounted on her roof! Last year, Chiara “Luce (Light)” Badano was beatified and we are certain that she is a special support in this Genfest 2012 as well!

"Through telephone calls, Chiara Luce, even completely immobile in bed, followed an emerging group of Youth for a United World (Y4UW) of Savona. She also participated in their congresses and activities through messages, postcards and posters, and she tried to spread the spirituality of unity among her friends and school companions. She actually invited many of them for the Genfest '90 (an international Y4UW gathering, held in Rome in May of 1990). She had the joy of watching the Genfest '90 through a satellite dish antenna mounted for this purpose on the roof of her home."

Even now, from heaven, Chiara Luce surely follows up the Y4UW of the whole world who are preparing the Genfest 2012 - Let's bridge. She will be close to them so that this event may be a strong moment of God, a "waterfall of God."
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