Coffee bridge


Coffee bridge, roasted coffee for a coffee percolator, packed especially for the promotion of the Genfest in Budapest 2012: this is one of the many initiatives chosen by the Youth for a United World from the Lombardy and Piedmont regions of Italy.This project is to help to make a contribute to cover  some expenses for  the Hungarian event. The logo of the Genfest will appear on the labels of the coffee packet along with the website address and the official social networks. 
But why coffee? Because coffee, especially for the Italian culture, is a sign of hospitality and socialization and it’s for this reason – they say – that they have chosen it as a message of brotherhood which they want to commit themselves to build every day in the environments where  they live. The coffee break is also a precious moment to stop and to re-charge ones batteries while  also building relationships: what better metaphor for the Genfest?