From Recife

I'm living a beautiful experience! My sister and I have found a way to participate in Genfest without putting an economic burden on our family. This means cutting off many things, such as attending a party, or eating out. We used to eat at restaurants on Saturdays and Sundays, but now we eat at home to not spend extra money. We don‘t go to the movies anymore, but we are happy to waive these small things so we can be with everyone at Budapest! 
Here in Recife, we have the Island of Saint Teresa, and even at this island, which is a very poor place, there is a young man who wants to participate in the Genfest, but doesn’t even have the money to pay the first payment of the trip. He told me to earn money, he cleans houses and then has another job that earns around 10 euros a day. 
Then I asked myself: But is the Genfest only for those who have the money? Would Chiara be pleased to see that her son can’t go to Genfest only because of money? I am certain that she would not!!! 
So I called my friend and told him that I, too, wanted to clean houses to receive money to help him to pay for Genfest, because even he should go. My mom wanted me to find a different way to help him, but what better way is there than to build the Genfest together? So I‘ve decided to begin on Saturday and it will be a beautiful experience. My friend told me: "But Tiberius, go to college, study international relations, you don‘t need to do this for me." But I'm reminded of what Jesus said: "What you did to the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." And I told him that this is nothing, (in Brazil cleaning other people’s houses is a work for only those who have not studied, who are illiterate) and that he can count on me for anything he needs.
 We ask Jesus for the providence for all young people who want to participate in the Genfest!
 Tiberius (Recife)