“Francesco Pinna Memorial” Tournament


The Youth for a United World (Y4UW) of Trieste tell us about the volley ball tournament they held in memory of Francesco, a young man who lost his life last December during the collapse of the stage set for the concert of Jovanotti.

“It (the tournament) was a wonderful, unique, extraordinary, incredible, even indescribable, experience... 20 teams and many supporters... several matches (the Y4UW team has defended itself well and we came in seventh place). An ambience full of happiness, joy, and desire to be there and contribute could be felt... The highlight was the phone call with Jovanotti who said very nice words remembering Francesco...


Then, the master of the music project of the Calicanto Association prepared with two disabled children a piece of Jovanotti’s song: "A TE...", giving a wonderful surprise to the family of Francesco and to Jovanotti himself who remained connected by telephone. One of the children with disabilities played the piano while the other sang; it was so beautiful, we were left in tears. We really felt a great unity among the participants and we believe that a day like this-special, may be a gift that Francesco wanted to give us. As Y4UW, being able to contribute to the preparation and organization of this tournament was a very nice experience as we had to organize it together with very important and much different realities (politicians, businesses, societies, associations, etc...) of Trieste, so there was a beautiful and rich exchange.


We remain overwhelmed of how much love is being born from an event so dramatic and tragic.”


Article published in Trieste’s newspaper – “Francesco Pinna Memorial” 

“Big success for the first volleyball tournament organized by the Calicanto non-profit organization for their tenth anniversary. In the field, sportsmen, employees of large companies, politicians, police and many young people. Telephone interview with the singer Jovanotti.
A Big success at the Chiarbola stadium in Trieste for the “Francesco Pinna Memorial”, the volleyball tournament organized in memory of the young lad; died last December during the collapse of the stage set for the concert of Jovanotti. The Calicanto non-profit association, which deals with integrated sports, has devoted all the festivities of the year for him. And among these is the very first edition of the sports event, which has registered massive and enthusiastic adherence of many local realities. This is the first tournament in Italy all made with this kind of formula, a perfect mix of people belonging to different fields of work; ready to take the field not only to remember the young volunteer of the association, but also to support sports activities among young people and disabled ones of the Calicanto. This is the first company in Italy that has promoted integrated disciplines, thanks to the strength and tenacity of President Elena Gianello.


Twenty teams came down in the field: four groups of Calicanto, two from Illy Caffè, two from Wartsila and then a team of councilors and town councilors, a representative of the local police and later formations of the Generals, Trieste Transportation, Siot, Llloyd Register, College of United World, Judo Makoto society, "On Stage", Pacorini ,Pacorini Metals and Fipav.


All played with the spirit of fun, but also with a bit of healthy competition. For the first time, the stadium of Chiarbola witnessed the confrontation of teams from politicians, to employees of large international companies, local police, councilors, aldermen, and of course many young boys.The morning of the festival concluded with an awards ceremony with the participation of the Pinna family who are closely linked to the Calicanto. It was a touching moment in which the youth and the teachers recalled Francesco, a person loved by all. The association, which he supports with great enthusiasm, has chosen to remember him through integrated sports.


Wartsila 1 has won first place in the “Francesco Pinna Memorial”, second place was Illy 1, and the third was the players from Siot.
Among the most exciting moments of the day was the call of Jovanotti who wanted to greet all the participants; and remember once again Francesco. The youth of Calicanto, which also follow the courses of integrated music, dedicated a famous song "Per Te", to the singer.


Jovanotti has therefore made a commitment to everyone for a concert that will be held in Trieste on March 2, reiterating his desire to continue to follow the events of the association that Pinna loved so much. The singer had already worked on a video message for the conference of the 10th anniversary of Calicanto, done at the Basaglia theater on February 14.


Calicanto plans to organize the tournament annually.