From Cagliari (Sardinia)

Dear friends,
The Youth for a United World of Cagliari (Sardinia) on July 27th  organized a dinner to continue our fund raising campaign for  Genfest. Taking inspiration from a book which we all know and like, we invited our whole neighborhood with the title for our event:
"Inviting the neighborhood for dinner!"
Being aware of the fact that Cagliari, our city, is almost empty  during the months of July and August because of the heat…we decided to go ahead as we needed to raise funds. It was almost like a challenge for providence.
The dinner was held in a beautiful city park where many young families go frequently.
During the week leading up to the dinner, as well as contacting some institutions, we posted flyers to advertise in the nearby shopping mall and in the park ... an opportunity to explain to many not only the initiative that we were taking but above all the spirit that animates the Youth for a United World!
The afternoon of our event was really hot and humid ... but in addition to some cold dishes like pasta salad and pies, 250 meat balls arrived from the father of one of our youth, and a fantastic variety of delicious cold drinks presented beautifully in the shell of a watermelon. (see photo)
Many people did not attend the event and unfortunately the city council did not provide the lighting they had promised in the park, however, great joy remained in our hearts and the certainty that God's love can not be outdone in generosity!
At the end of the evening, in agreement with the city council – we planted a tree as a reminder of the event!
Those who attended the dinner shared how they were touched by our joy, our spirit that animated the evening and our conviction that “love conquers all". We were aware that our last efforts after a very busy year would have born fruits!  In a party atmosphere we put make up on all the kids and had lots of fun ourselves experiencing that mutual love among us makes us one family. We were sure that if we had done all our part, the hundredfold would arrive.
At the end of dinner, there was lots of food leftover. The following morning we brought everything to Caritas in our city!
And in that reciprocal love that we had lived, to our surprise, that very same evening, we received an e-mail with a money transfer in our favor!
We were really happy, we had seen how Love comes and goes in so many ways which asks everything of us and at the same time returns unexpectedly and immediately!
The hundredfold continues to arrive ... we keep on experiencing that providence arrives a moment after you have taken the step to trust in God and have done all your part to give everything without expecting anything in return!



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