From Slovenia... a thousand ideas for the Genfest


Genfest Choirs in about 15 parishes of Slovenia

A group of us got together and decided to go and sing at the Masses as our contribution towards the Genfest. I would never have imagined it but this project became a real adventure. Sometimes there were only a few of us and so we had to... sing louder, but despite everything, each time the atmosphere among us was really beautiful. At the end of Mass we presented the Genfest and tried to create enthusiasm towards this Ideal that we follow in the youth that were present. Each time we also managed to collect funds for the Genfest, but the most beautiful experience is the atmosphere that we breathe together. (Sandra)


Helping the disabled

In March, with my friend Tine, we responded positively to a request for help that came from someone with a disability. This is an elderly person who needs help to be lifted and also with the exercises he must do as he is in a wheelchair. His wife is recovering from an operation and so cannot help him at the moment. Right from the start we were very enthusiastic about this couple: She is very loving; he is very luminous and has a great desire to talk, and so they welcomed us in a great way. It is a very beautiful experience for me, and I give the money that we make very willingly to the Genfest. (Matej)


Babysitter service

One of the ideas that we had to collect funds for the Genfest came from the young families of the movement in Slovenia. They had the idea to call us when they needed a babysitter.
One Friday night there was a request for the following day when a group of families where going to have a meeting. With all the difficulties that I had faced that week at work, I was really looking forward to a free weekend – which was a rare occurrence. When I saw the message I thought that I really deserved a bit of rest. But my conscience didn’t agree and so I offered to help. At the same time they had offered the job to another young person, Vid, and so we took on 7 little ones, who were a bit mischievous, but with whom we had a few hours of fun without getting too tired. At the end we also raised a good amount of money for the Genfest.  (Meta)


A dance for all peoples

On Monday, 16 April, together with a Catholic youth organisation, we organised the “Dance for all Peoples”. Apart from organising modern and Latin American dances, we also wanted to take advantage of this project to invite young people to the Genfest. There were about 130 participants and for about 5 hours they filled the dance hall put at our disposition. During the break we enthusiastically introduced the Genfest to the youth present. There was also a stand that awaited them outside with more detailed information. That same night a few young people committed themselves to attend the manifestation of Budapest. Already at the entrance many young people gave a contribution towards the Genfest, apart from paying for their ticket with the set price. Also all those who performed for free at the event gave us a great hand. Many beautiful relationships were built just as the motto of the Genfest suggests: Let’s bridge! (Simon)