From the biggest … to the smallest

We receive news from the whole world where they tell us that there really isn’t an age to bring our Genfest ahead!
For example Werner, our friend from Switzerland who shares our Ideal for a united world, told us: “We are the eldest people here in Switzerland and we asked ourselves what we could do for the Genfest. Immediately the right occasion arose. I, Werner, was supposed to have taken my car in for a check-up. But to fix it I would have had to pay a lot of money and it really wasn’t worthwhile, so I decided to sell it! My friend, Otto, had a car but because of his age he could no longer drive it. So we decided: let’s share the car and we could offer what we gained with the selling for the Genfest. Also other friends of ours gave financial help and in this way we collected 750 Euro as a contribution for the participation of a young person.”
Matthew, a little boy from the Philippines, also gave his contribution: he is an actor in an educational TV programme for children. And without any doubts he gave his first salary for the Genfest.
These are just some flashes of the many wonderful stories of all those around the world who are working and doing their utmost to contribute to the Genfest.
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