“Garage Sale” for the Genfest at Amman


A clear idea: “we want to be part of Genfest 2012” drove the Youth for a United World (YUW) of Amman, Jordan, to hold a “Garage Sale” on November 4 - 5, 2011, in order to raise funds for their participation in the event. One of them recounts: “The first step was to collect clothes, electrical appliances and those things which are extra for us.” 
During the collection period they spoke of this idea to their friends, relatives and work colleagues. So the network of who was contributing to the collection increased. Some of them even went to help them at the sale.
Little by little, as the items were piling up, they asked themselves where they could hold the Garage Sale and immediately the answer came: hold it in a particular neighbourhood of Amman, where the families have a very low social status. So, even though they had new things with very good quality, which they could have sold at a high price, they preferred to give the opportunity to these families to buy good things at low prices. The parish priest of a Catholic Church of that neighbourhood gave them the use of  the parish hall for two whole days for free. 
A participant commented: “the best thing was the fact that the ‘Garage Sale’ was one week before the Muslim celebration of Eid Al-Adha: this was a happy coincidence for those who came to buy. In fact, the majority were Muslims and so they bought clothes for their children and also toys!” The YUW gave the products which remained from the “Garage Sale” to the parish so that they could distribute them to the people in need.