Kinshasa Genfest!


Also here in Congo, the preparations for the Kinshasa Genfest are proceeding!!! Like everywhere else in the world we are living a great experience of joy!
By now, twice a week we meet to organize everything. In each one we notice a great spirit of donation for this event.
Last weekend (18 – 19 August) all the actors of the Genfest met together for a first rehearsal. Providence surely arrived: for that weekend a volunteer offered to guarantee breakfast and lunch for everyone!!!
Last Sunday we went to invite the young people in a parish of Kinshasa. The parish priest and his vicar absolutely want a group of Youth for a United World to start up as soon as possible!
Then we are in contact with a group of young people of the Protestant Church who got to know us during the World Unity Week.
Our « mini genfest » will make its début on September 1st!
We have planned for our programme:
• life experiences
• choreographies
• music
• skits
• dances
• during the programme we will explain the United World Project and we will collect signatures of those who would like to adhere.
All of this will be carried out and centred on a main idea: building bridges of fraternity!
We are also working on a transmission that will be broadcasted on the Catholic television.
We have attached some photos of the preparations.
We are preparing ourselves to be with you in Budapest!

Let’s Bridge!
The Youth for a United World of Congo




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