Ivory Coast


Dearest all,
Last March 11, Sunday, we made the “Repas international pour l’unité (Meals for International Unity)”: a charity luncheon to raise funds for our much-awaited participation in the next Genfest. There were dishes from various African countries and others!
The presence of other members of the community of the Focolare Movement (adults, youth, kids) was very important; those who live in the village near Man donated 10 kilograms of rice plus 3€ (which for them is a significant sum). Even the religious communities of Man contributed, some with money and some with a dish already prepared.
The directors of two schools rewarded the most talented students in each class (about seventy) with a ticket to take part in “Repas international pour  l’unité”.
The total proceeds of this activity, 305€ (equivalent to a wage for 30 days of work), has exceeded our expectations. We did not expect mroe than 150€. 
We have concretely worked and put in considerable effort in this, which definitely is one of the fruits of the Pan-African Gen Congress (held in Nairobi with around 200 young people from several African countries).
This has not always been easy, but starting again helped us to always put Jesus among us and He has ensured that everything would go well.
The local bishop could not attend because he was living for a meeting in Rome, but he gave us his blessing.
More than 250 people were present. It was an excellent opportunity to build bridges between people of different social classes, ethnic groups and ages, of being at the same table and being able to communicate and get acquainted. There was a lot of joy among everyone. 
The main message was to live, first of all, in unity, committing ourselves to construct it immediately… The atmosphere made us understand that the proposal has been fully embraced by everyone. Many have shown the joy of having lived a special experience and asked to be able to repeat it.
We trust in God and that His plans may be fulfilled!
Aurora e  Paul