5 days to Genfest!

Genfest is first of all a meeting of different people and cultures. You cuold spend a lot of time chatting to other friends from all over the world. Everyone is very excited about what is happening here.
Erick Arias, 22 years old from Costa Rica says: “This is really unreal, since we got here this has been such an amazing experience. It’s been part of a big puzzle and all we need is love to put it all together”.
Eva Maria, 22 from Kenya adds: “ For me the Genfest is like a gift! Im filled with great joy, excitment and above all a great desire to realize God’s will for me during this period. I feel like the Genfest has started already and having people of different origin around makes it even more exciting. I believe we can build bridges together!”
The Italian bass player Ettore Mazzoli, 17 years old, says: “It’s like an explosion of young hearts, I’m so excited! Genfest is coming! I want to give to the other all the beautiful sensations and emotions I received”.
As you can see there is a real high and international atmosphere here in Budapest, and we have to keep going in this way! 5 days to Genfest!