Koreans committed to work for the Genfest


In South Korea, the first stage towards Genfest 2012 started last year. The morning of November 19th, 50 Youth for a United World (YUW) delivered 1,100 briquettes to heat 11 houses of elderly people who lived alone or are disabled. 
One of the young people recounts: “With the economic difficulty that is felt throughout the country, it was not easy to raise funds to buy these briquettes, but, using the social networks, appealing to many people with sincere messages, we were able to witness the generosity of many. We received an amount that was more than sufficient for what we needed to purchase.” 
Divided into various groups, they took the briquettes to the houses, going along narrow streets or corridors with low ceilings where one can pass only by bending their back. At the end of the activity, all the young people met together in a hall to get to know one another and to speak about the Genfest. “We are grateful for this edifying experience which broadened our heart and made us experience the joy of giving,” commented a youth. “It was truly wonderful to see a tile of the mosaic of a united world being composed in front of our eyes.” 
A Catholic television network and university students of the communications faculty filmed the whole activity with the commitment to edit a documentary. Now they are all going ahead… towards the Genfest at Budapest.