Launch of the Genfest in Nazareth


We thought to prepare an afternoon for young people, to meet together, talk about our Ideal and then launch the Genfest 2012. Each one got to work, taking care to invite others and of the different aspects of the program: songs, games, presentations, technical aspects…  
So, on 28 January, we met in Nazareth with about 40 young people, coming from different cities and villages of Galilee, among whom also a Muslim youth.  
There was truly a special atmosphere, with a lot of mutual love. We began by singing, then two of us introduced the program, explaining the particular reason for the meeting: the  Genfest.  
After a few games, which helped to build an atmosphere of family among everyone, we spoke more about our life, of our ideals and of the Youth for a United World. Then we saw a brief DVD on past Genfest events, and invited everyone to take part together in the next big event of this kind in Budapest.  
The meeting ended with a snack: an opportunity to get to know each other better, talk and hang out together… 
Now, our next appointment is for April, when we hope to spend a whole weekend together. 
We feel a very strong new rapport, among us and with all the youth around us, built on love and mutual understanding. In this way we build bridges too.