Let’s Bridge Talents Show

Hi, greetings from Mariapolis Piero!
BRIDGE with talents!
This was the title of our Let’s Bridge Talents Show event that took place at Mariapolis Piero on Sunday May 27, the second step of our “Genfest’s work in progress” toward Budapest 2012.
152 youth took part in the event.
Following the 3 forums we organized last month in order to understand how we can BRIDGE with all in our various environments within the Kenyan context, this time round, we wanted to bridge with our different talents.
This event was a great occasion to share our life experiences and our talents.
In fact the program saw all the youth present involved. We alternated on stage either in small groups or as individuals to offer as a gift: songs, dances, ideas or real life experiences on how we tried to bridge in the last month.  We had fun but we also built bonds of real brotherhood among us, beyond religions, cultures, age groups.
Many youth felt that this event was a great encouragement to live and spread the lifestyle of unity around them.   “I feel encouraged! Today I bridged with so many people, I enjoyed everyone’s presence, I experienced that brotherhood is possible, I commit myself to live in this way always” (Rahab).
“Wow, what an experience! Bridging with love will see us build unity of Kenya free from our political divisions. I’m already experiencing the Genfest”.
Chiara Lubich transmitted to us all her enthusiasm, optimism and faith in a more united world through her answer to the participants of 1995 Genfest.
Pauline confided: “I strongly believe that this lifestyle can lead us to the unity of the whole world”.
We left with the promise of continuing “bridging” in our day-to-day circumstances until we meet again.
As Stanly, one of the participants, expressed everyone’s desire, we can’t wait June 30th for Let’s Bridge Concert, our forthcoming activity! We have invited some local Gospel artists who gave us their support!
Watch out for our next updates!