Let’s bridge VOLUME ZERO has started

Warm welcome from Loppiano through songs, choreographies and a short skit. The hype can be felt from everyone. Let’s bridge VOLUME ZERO has started. The foundations are being laid. 17 weeks. Genfest is almost here.

Someone from Korea shared his life story: from living on the streets after stopping school during a “dark moment” in his life to realizing what he is actually missing. After deciding to continue his studies by entering University, he shares “...the dialogue with my parents continued. After a while, my dad told me he thought I would have committed suicide. That was like a cold shower for me. It woke me up to the reality...” He went on sharing that he is on the continued discovery of his purpose here. A married couple from Loppiano shared that after a period when they were almost separating, they distinctly realized that problems could be faced with simplicity: by being the first one to love and taking the first step to understand the other. One question posed in the skit: to live for ourselves or to live for the others? More people shared brief testimonies, short examples to show that bridges can be built.

The countdown, and later, the much-awaited worldwide link-up to open the United World Week.  Youth from Hungary shared about their preparations, initiatives to increase the awareness about Genfest, and experiences of bridges they have been constructing among them. Then, a link-up with Syria, a country in the midst of war... with the uncertainty of tomorrow, they share how everyone is ready to give his or her life for the other, such as assisting a mother with children while there are shoot-outs nearby. They assured us their certainty that love will conquer all and that they will be bridges of unity and peace. Afterwards, there was the presentation of the United World Project, a project that would be launched during the Genfest aiming to create a permanent Observatory on universal brotherhood.

The program will continue in the afternoon with different workshops. There will be forum on politics and brotherhood; multi-cultural co-existence; the family; and, freedom and responsibility. There will also be artistic workshops with the International Performing Arts Group Gen Rosso.
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