Monitoring fraternity


An international observatory will kick off in September 2012 by monitoring good practices carried out by countries and cultures on a global level in the areas of political and fraternal action.

We invite you to observe in the coming days what's happening around you. Is that car parked on the parking lines reserved for the disabled? Has your local town hall or community established a service to support families in need? And what is the latest government measure on inappropriate military spending? Are these actions  working in favor or against universal brotherhood? They will be reflected upon and "reported" to the UN.

These are not threats, but the kind of work we found going on behind the scenes by the youth of the Focolare preparing for Genfest, a global  event that will gather thousands of young people in Budapest from August 31 – Sept. 2. The theme is to build bridges between generations, faiths and different ethnicities. This latest  International Observatory project to evaluate the progress of mankind towards fraternity, peace and solidarity will encourage young people to act as “monitors” on the look out for good practices and policies.

Francesco Ricciardi, a young lawyer and one of the promoters of the project says:  "We wanted to study whether and how the principle of brotherhood is forgotten by modern history and to see if we are up to the challenge and capable with our choices of having a positive impact either as individuals or as groups in our world today.”

With a presence of one billion eight hundred million young people under 30 years old in the world, we want our voice to be heard "We want to be part of those people who day by day silently choose to welcome others, to forgive, to see each other as brothers and not enemies and we want these effort to be recognized by the highest representative body of the world: the United Nations."

United World Project is the name chosen for this action which will be divided into three parts:

1. It starts with a collection of signatures of all who agree to this project. Whoever agees to sign will commit themselves every day to practice the golden rule which says: "Do unto others as you would like done unto you."

2. The second phase involves the establishment of the observatory itself, which will monitor the good practices of brotherhood on a global scale.

3. Finally, we ask that the United World Week, a laboratory that the Youth for a United World of the Focolare Movement carry out every year for the past  twenty years, is recognized by the United Nations. A document which will be presented to the UN with all the signatories gathered. This document is open to signatures until May 1, 2013.

Africa will have a special word in this project, because it can offer a program of true brotherhood already lived out in a project that began in Cameroon in the 60’s: a strong sense of community has been built and  many roads to reconciliation have been found which can be a model to share and offer to other countries.

So get ready with any means possible you have to share your stories as we begin to monitor the good practices in favor of fraternity around our world, the UN awaits our efforts.

from Rachel Marini