News from “Triveneto”!

During March and April we have invented all sorts of things to raise awareness of the Genfest and also to raise funds.

Padua | "GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER?"  An evening to taste the difference!-
It’s impossible to describe the joy that we felt at the end of the dinner held in a parish of Padua on March 29th. We were tired due to the demands of the preparations, like cleaning up the hall at the end of the night, but we were happy with the outcome of what we had lived: an evening with more than 100 people made up of friends and acquaintances from different countries of the world. An atmosphere of celebration, but not just any celebration. “Who are these people that organise a dinner in favour of integration?” our friends would have asked themselves. Thanks to a video on the Genfest we were able to introduce ourselves and this was very useful to help them understand who we are and to propose this experience also to them; during the evening many friends told us that they would like to participate in the Genfest. During the evening two women commented: “It’s good for everyone to see that the whole world can be united in one hall!”. A big thank you to all those who contributed and all those who danced, played and ate all those delicious and colourful dishes!
With this event we managed to raise about 500 euro!

Castelfranco (Treviso) | Let's Piadina™ (here are some photos) - «Dearest everyone! We want to give you a mini-summary of our evening Let's Piadina™. For who doesn’t know we are referring to a festival born from the necessity of presenting the Genfest to our friends, joyfully and simply. We had contact with a piadineria (unleavened flat bread maker) from Castelfranco, and so we grabbed the opportunity by having an evening right there in the bakery! The evening went well! There were about 40 of us Youth for a United World; as well as this there were the other customers of the shop who curiously asked about the Genfest.» Franz
Also at Udine we held a multiethnic dinner in which we raised a lot of money and had a great number participate!

What can we say...??? here in Triveneto the engines are really running!

Let’s go ahead together.

The Youth for a United World of Triveneto