Novelties in the Genfest website


The new Genfest website will be online on Feb. 7th: let’s bridge! The set up and content have been renewed. In fact, within the website – in addition to the venue of the event, how to register, articles, experiences and news – there is also the Genfest Press page: a space dedicated to journalists, with downloadable press-releases and contacts. We have worked on this project with many people throughout the world: from Brazil to Spain, together with the technical team, graphic designers, translators and experts. A huge team who permitted us to reach this point and we thank them very much. 
The fact that we are online does not mean that the website is “complete.” On the contrary, it will be a permanent ‘work in progress’ towards the Genfest. Therefore, you can send suggestions and especially content, in order to build a “bridge” together which connects the world through a reciprocal cultural exchange. 
Here are some novelties which we will continue to build together:
- With a simple Click we can share news on the main social networks (Facebook and Twitter).
- Facebook Portuguese:
- Twitter Portuguese:
- Facebook Polish:
- Photos and videos can be easily accessed from the Home Page.
-  In the ‘stages’ towards the Genfest, we can find different “inputs” to prepare our heart for this great appointment in Budapest. 
Enjoy surfing the net!