Practical GUIDE

Call Centre

+361 353-6800

Operating hours
27th – 29th Aug: 08:00 – 22:00
30th – 1 th Sept: 08:00 – 24:00
2nd – 3rd Sept: 08:00 – 20:00

Info Point

Info Point is available during the Arena programme on Fri. 31st Aug. and Sat. 1st Sept. It is located opposite to the Arena main entrance. Volunteers speaking different languages will attend to your needs! Sunday Info Point will operate next to the Basilica.

Emergency Call Centre: 112

(ambulance, police, firemen)


At all the accommodations local hosts, speaking different languages will look after you. Contact them if you have any question!
On the day of departure, the accommodation should be vacated before 9:00 am (Most of the participants will depart on Sunday 2nd Sept).

Participant’s Badge

The Genfest Badge entitles you:
- to enter the Arena,
- to use public transport from Thursday 30th Aug at 12:00 am to Monday 3rd Sept 12:00 am.
- to receive hot meals from Friday 31st Aug dinner to Sunday 2nd Sept lunch.
Please take care of your badge! In case you lose it, please contact the Info Point immediately. The badge can be replaced for just a small extra charge.


Participants will take their breakfast at their accommodation. Canteens will manage this catering service in 2-3 turns and the hosts will inform you about the timing. Please follow their instructions!
Lunch and dinner will be delivered upon showing the Genfest Badge.
You will have the choice of two menus for each meal: one will be vegetarian and gluten-free.


Electrical supply in Hungary runs at 230 Volts. Power plugs are of the regular Continental type (with two pins).


If you wish to get in contact with your Embassy please contact the Info Point or your host. They will help you get the right telephone numbers.
Consulates usually operate from Mondays to Fridays. Over the weekends, they normally have some on-duty phone numbers.

General safety

Volunteers will assist you throughout the Genfest. Please follow their instructions during the indoor and outdoor programmes.
During your stay in Hungary, please do carry with you a copy of your passport or your identity card, while keeping the original documents in a safe place.
Take good care of your valuable items especially when using the public transport or entering busy cafes and shops. Please never leave your luggage unattended! Should you lose any of your valuable items, please contact your host or the Info Point! If you have travelling insurance, keep in mind that you require police verification inn order to get a compensation for any stolen item.


There will be internet points within the Arena however free wifi (wireless) is not available. You may look for free wifi points in the larger shopping centres, cafes or bookshops and this is indicated by:at the entrance.

Lost and found

Get in contact with the Info Point!
If you happen to lose something on any type of public transport, please contact directly the BKV (Budapest Public Transport Company) customer service.
Address: 18, Ak cfa Street, VIIth district, Budapest. Phone: +361-258-4636.

Medical care

An on-duty Doctor may be reached via the Call Centre from 8:00 am Friday (31th Aug) to 3:00 pm Sunday (2nd Sept). In case of any health problem during the programme, please look for the First Aid point in the Arena (on Friday and Saturday) and next to the Basilica (on Sunday)!
In case of any other health problem please contact your host.
In case of emergency you will receive treatment in any of the hospitals in Budapest.
Basic assistance will be provided free of charge for all those who have the European Health Insurance Card. All non-EU participants, possessing a travelling insurance, and are in need of health care assistance, have to pay for this treatment and then reclaim these charges to the insurance upon returning to their home country.

Money exchange, credit cards

The official Hungarian currency is called „Hungarian forint” (HUF).
We recommend that you change money only in banks or in official exchange bureaus. They can be found all over the city especially in downtown and tourist areas. Exchange bureaus work without commission. Avoid exchanging money on the street!
The nearest exchange bureau to the Arena can be found at the entrance of the metro station.
Most shops accept international credit cards. 


The inner districts of Budapest are divided into parking zones, where the fee varies between 160-480 HUF/hour. Parking must be paid during work days from 8:00 am to 06:00 pm. In downtown area up till 08:00 pm. Parking is free of charge on Saturday and Sunday. Ticket can be purchased from the nearest parking meter and placed in a visible position on the dashboard.
In the surrounding area of the Arena, parking is free of charge even on working days.
Coaches, tourist buses do not need a special entrance permit to the city and they are not even charged for passing through Budapest. However, please note that parking for tourist buses is very difficult in downtown area!


In Budapest, there are many pharmacies and in almost all districts you can find non-stop pharmacies as well.

Non-stop pharmacy nearst to Arena:
“™rs Vez‚r” Pharmacy
XIV. ™rs Vez‚r t‚r 1.
+36-1-221-3861 or +36-1-422-0382
To get there: M2 metro (™rs Vez‚r t‚r)
Non-stop pharmacy in downtown:
Ter‚z Pharmacy
VI. Ter‚z krt. 41.
+36-1-311-4439 or +36-1-475-0295
To get there: M1 metro, tram No. 4 or 6 (Oktogon)

Public transport

Genfest participants can use public transport free of charge within the administrative boundary of Budapest from 12:00 on Thursday (30th Aug) to 12:00 am on Monday (3rd Sept). Travel ticket is replaced by a sticker on the Genfest Badge.

If you want to use public transport before or after the above period, you have to buy a ticket. 1 ticket costs 320 HUF that entitles you for one journey on any public means of transport. When you change you have to buy a new ticket except on the metro lines where one ticket is valid for one journey including a change as well. Daily tickets and tourist tickets valid for several days can be bought at: 

Normally, buses, trams, trolleys service starts at 04.30 am and ends at 11:00 pm. Each line has its own timetable and you may get information about it through your host or at the Info Point. The last metro run starts at 11:15 pm from the terminus. After 11:00 pm you can use night services.

Night transport

Night buses’ number always starts with the number “9”. This transport starts at 11:00 am and ends at 4:00 am. There is only one tram that operates during the night: it is No.6.
Night service timetable:


Budapest taxis have yellow number plates and a “taxi” sign on top. Taxi fee depends on the number of kilometres and the waiting time. Each car has a taximeter that should provide a receipt after payment. In order to avoid problems, please make sure that the taximeter is in operation when you get into a taxi.

How to get to the airport?

Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport is 20 km away from the city.
To get there: M3 metro (K‹b nya-Kispest), and bus No. 200.
Airport shuttle minibus offers a door-to-door service 24 hours round; picking you up from any hostel. Reservation can be made online ( ), or via the Call Center (+361) 296-8555. The cost of a one-way ticket per person: 1,900-5,200 HUF depending on the district.

How to get to the railway station?

International trains arrive at the Keleti (Eastern) railway station in Budapest. (VIII. Baross square). To get there: M2 metro (Keleti pu.)

Post office

Normally, post offices are open between 08:00 am to 07:00 pm, from Mondays to Fridays. On Saturdays: from 08:00 am to 01:00 pm.


Supermarkets are open from early morning till late in the evening, smaller ones close at 07:00 pm. Those situated in the big shopping centres, called plaza (like Westend at Western railway station or µrk d at ™rs vez‚r t‚r) are open 09:00 am – 08:00 pm. In downtown area there are food stores open 24hours. 
Other shops are open from Mondays to Fridays between 10:00 am – 06:00 pm and on Saturdays between 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. In shopping centres, shops run till 08:00 pm or Saturday till 09:00 pm.


Translations in 26 languages will be provided for during the programme. These translations may be received via FM receivers, preferably MP3 sets. Mobile phones equipped with an in-built FM receiver may also be used for this purpose however their batteries tend to get discharged quite easily.
If you need any information about the frequency of your preferred language please ask the Info Point staff or else follow the instructions given from the stage before the start of the programme.
Important! Do not forget to charge your FM receivers in the evening! Do not forget to bring along your headset with you!

Tourist programmes – Genfest Special

If you wish to get to know Budapest better we propose the following programmes. Book your trip before lunch on the 1st September at the Info Point.

Genfest Special – Sightseeing Cruises on the Danube

Daytime Cruise Duna Bella at 13:30 or 15:30 on 2nd September 
Genfest special price: 10.50 Euro / person

Evening Cruise Danube Legend at 21:00 on 2nd September

Genfest special price: 13.50 Euro / person 

Genfest Special – Gulyas and strudel party (horse show and lunch )

2nd September: departure from St. Stephen’s Basilica at 1:00 pm
3rd September: departure from the Arena at 10:30 am (takes 4 hours)
Genfest special price: 29 Euro / person