The Genfest has taken off!


Budgets, sponsors, invitations, registrations, places, scenery, lodging, the technical team, programme, press, logistics, organization and we could go on. It’s incredible how many small details make up the organization of a Genfest! And so that these different pieces can come together into the big picture, here in Hungary we have organized ourselves into various committees formed by young people and adults.  
Let’s bridge! – this is the motto of the Genfest, which we now feel fully ours, since building bridges begins first of all in our working together. 
For example, when we try and imagine in what part of the city we could hold a section of the programme: in a historical square or in a city park?! Every proposal is a gift in the measure in which each one is ready to lose their own idea to listen to the others. Stone by stone, what are we building? It will be a surprise!  
Here in Hungary the Genfest was joyfully welcomed by political and church authorities. 
The event is being sponsored by Cardinal Péter Erdő, Primate and Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest. 
We were warmly welcomed at the Mayor’s office: also the mayor of Budapest, Tarlós István, gave his patronage and will support our work for it. 
We also had the chance during different ecumenical meetings, with dignitaries from various Churches, to present the Genfest: there was great interest in it wherever we went.  
Since every organizational aspect is important, our greatest desire is that many, really a lot, of young Hungarians may be able to attend the Genfest: this is why we have made a plan to make it known in the whole country! 
What has our experience been?
 «It’s incredible the welcome and openness that we have found everywhere, and while we shared our experiences, the ideas, projects and expectations for the Genfest, we became more aware together of what a treasure we have: if our life authentically mirrors the Ideal of unity, it is the answer to the greatest questions of today’s world.» (Bulcsú)
«It’s overwhelming to see what an adventure we have been called to: from announcing the Genfest in Parliament, to the meeting with the bishops in charge of the youth pastoral programs in the Hungarian Bishops’ Conference: from the meeting with the Greek-Catholic seminarians to the one with Evangelical Lutheran and Adventist youth: from the group of the Rom people of  Ózd to the many Catholic, Reformed and public high schools.» (Ági)
But what is the most beautiful thing on this journey?
«All that we live together, that we carry and suffer together: for example, when we try to help each other in expressing ourselves, when words no longer make an impact... or if we do not find a resonance in the other person, in spite of all this, we go ahead announcing the great Ideal that we believe in.» (Nóri)
Certainly, we are still at the beginning, but now we are convinced: “We are not the ones to make miracles happen. We are just sowing the seed and we will let God do the rest!”
Take courage, travel companions, let’s go ahead full force working for the Genfest!!!!