The Hungarian Parliament welcomes the Genfest

Yesterday we were at the heart of Budapest (see and now at the heart of the nation- the Hungarian Parliament, where the minister of external affairs Kinga Gӧncz gave a special welcome to representatives of Genfest in the prestigious Vadasz hall. Also present were the president of the UNESCO general conference, the cardinal of Budapest and the nuncio, the Lutheran bishop and the Italian ambassador in Hungary. They warmly welcomed the international delegation of 50 representatives supported by the 12 000 participants of Genfest.
The authorities expressed their gratitude for what Genfest is bringing to the city. Tamas Ludacs, president of the committee for human rights, minorities, civil and religious affairs said, “the story only has meaning when it makes history and you have come to do this.” Then, remembering St. Stephen’s offering of Hungary to Mary, he hopes that the participants of Genfest can help Budapest become a city modelled after Mary. He concluded his speech by desiring to be involved as an external member of the Focolare Movement.
Maria Voce recalls how Budapest was chosen by young people as their city for Genfest 2012 to present a challenge- that after this event, the city doesn’t stay the same but the seed that is placed can be cultivated and left to sprout. Now Budapest will have “new” bridges: 1000 bridges of relationship between people.
For us, Youth for United World, we have a great responsibility to bring ahead this culture and make it visible despite the challenges of  today’s society. 
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