The Youth for a United World in Algeria

Dearest all,

We are writing a few lines to tell you about an initiative for the Genfest!

Here in Algeria you cannot count on the fact that we are able to do activities to raise money, and even less so for something that has to do with travelling overseas especially if they are young people travelling!

We came up with the idea to take advantage of the fact that there are many foreign families here in Algeria who have come for work. On Fridays many of them go to Mass in a diocesan house. So we announced “a carwash service” while the people go to mass!!!

We organized ourselves well, distributing to the people a pamphlet explaining about the Genfest and added a phrase to live: “It’s in loving that we become brothers and sisters!”
We weren’t really expecting much… and the beautiful thing is that the people were very interested, one after the other they let us wash their cars!!

We started working: we were few, with many cars to wash in an hour.
A wonderful experience: we did it with all our heart, even if we were a bit tired, but believing that it was for something great!
We gained about 120 Euro! It’s nothing, but the experience lived out was worth more. Verifying that we can do something here in Algeria gave us a lot of courage and enthusiasm and many ideas arose: for example, picking apricots that were offered to us for free in order to make jam and then sell it!!!

Until next time!

The Youth for a United World in Algeria