“Time Out” for peace

Each day at midday a moment of prayer, asking God to bless the world with true peace.

Maria Voce, the president of Focolare Movement, launched the Time Out to the 350 Focolare youth who had gathered from several countries at Castel Gandolfo, Rome, to become the bearers of peace in the world. Encouraged by the news that was arriving from several members of the Focolare in the Middle East, Maria Voce told the audience of her idea.

In the face of “these absurd wars it is only God who can meet the longing for peace that is found in humankind. It would take a truly strong and powerful prayer,” “with a renewed faith that God could do it, that if we were to ask Him in unity, God would come to meet us in our need.”
The proposal: “Why not re-establish the midday Time Out? Chiara Lubich had launched this prayer,” Maria Voce went on to explain, “during the Gulf War in 1991 and, back then God listened to that prayer that came from everyone.”
Let us again take up the practice of the Time Out, with young people on the front lines. “Jesus is called the Prince of Peace,” Maria Voce concluded as she asked Him to give to humankind “that true peace, which would allow everyone – from whatever faith, social condition or country, to live their lives in serenity; that they would share this gift of Peace with all people.”
The appointment is for noontime, in each of our cities, asking in unity for the gift of peace.