At Loppiano (Florence) rehearsals have begun for a few items for Budapest!


One time, one body... in Harmony! This is the thrill being lived during the days of practice, the sensation of being among so many... 87 boys and girls from all the continents but with a heart that beats as one. To be lost in this sight has been a unique adventure, it’s like having visited all these countries, to have lived a little of the life of each one. The commitment of one was the commitment of all...  and despite the big number, even if one person was missing, they really left a gap.

Elisa Catolfi


The music that makes hearts dance to the rhythm of a universal harmony... faces and smiles of the 5 continents that speak one common language, that of Love through Art.... it’s as if from the beginning each one sees the other as a brother or sister... this dance that makes us move lightly, following the beat and recalling a dream... UNITY.
Everyone ready and charged up to cross the bridges that unite the peoples... all of this is WORKING FOR BUDAPEST...

Luca Novelli