ZöldGomb band (Green Button)

"A step. An act for the other.
A small effort.
A decision.
Give a bit of yourself
A new culture, a culture of giving.
A road, that if you walk,
You become
Who you would really want to be... "

We are ZöldGomb band (Green Button). With the concert on March 11th, we started our tour "One Step", organized not only to present our last record, but also to deliver the invitation of GenFest to as many young people as possible. At the same time we would like to testify to the world that the youth have a great strength within. We can give hope to many if we make it visible that there are youth of good will, generous, young believers, and that we are not alone.

Who is the group?
We are young adult Hungarian members of the Focolare Movement, and we turn to young people with our songs, not with great persuasive speeches, but only with the music and content summarized in music, in practicing the desire of translating the gospel into life.

When and how did we come up with the idea of forming a band?
It was the summer of 2005, during a camping trip with the youth of the movement where we felt that we really missed playing together. So we decided for the next year we would prepare a musical program. We put the words into action and the band ZöldGomb was born.

Where does the name come from and what does it mean?
The atmosphere of our first practices were catastrophic: we tried to concentrate but it didn’t work, we tried to listen to each other, but nothing, there was chaos, clashing pitches ... Someone suggested: it would be nice if each of us had a button to signal when we’re ready. Thus, the expression "Green Button", then after a while it became a catchphrase, and when someone felt that we were not in place, it was enough to say: "Green Button" ... and that’s where our name came from.

What type of songs do we play?
Most of the songs are translations of the songs from the Italian band Gen Rosso, with new arrangements. With a harder acoustics, we would like to emphasize the importance of the message. We believe that in order to reach our peers we need great determination. For example, the title track from David and Goliath compares Tiananmen Square to those who live the revolution of love. In the song, the boy is standing in front of the army tanks and risking his life to try to stop the war. We also think that even now we have to make a radical choice of God to preserve a relationship with Him
Then there are some songs that we wrote together: who exactly? It is not easy to say because they are born from the group. Some of the text, for example, was written by a friend who now lives in Serbia, then the music and arrangements contributed by each of us.

For whom are these songs?
The texts are suitable for all, but the style of music might attract more youngsters. In the tracks of our album - despite the profound content - often echoes the name of God, perhaps because we want to bring to the attention of a wider circle of our production but also because, as it seems, the essence of the Gospel is to put into practice.

What then is the message we want to give people?
Our main goal is to draw young people to God
These songs invite you to take a sort of consciousness that we can live for those around us and take a step towards each other. Therefore, it’s important that we first live the examples that we say in our songs. In fact, one of the most important messages of the Gospel is this: 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. We, as Christians, feel called to this message seriously, but we are also convinced that anyone can understand it and live it.

What does the title of the album "One Step" mean and how does it manifests in our lives?
The disc title refers to a verse of a song: "If we each take one step, maybe tomorrow we'll wake up in a different city." Every major change in the world begins with one step, it comes from a personal decision. We can not wait for the others, each one must do their part. It's not right to think that it takes an enormous effort to free ourselves from the prison of selfishness. If we all try to change just one little, tiny thing that we have in our hands, then the whole world will change.

Oti, Reni, Rita, Zsuzsi, Bence, Laci, Andris, Tomi, Balázs, Dani, Berci
At this web address, you can find few of our songs, videos, live concerts: http://www.youtube.com/user/ZoldGombBand



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