Let´s Bridge Austria!

150 young people in the Mariapolis Centre of Vienna. The motto ‘Let’s Bridge Austria’ became a tangible reality.
Young people from the whole of Austria, many new ones, some representing the Muslim youth of Austria and a group of young refugees were immersed in an atmosphere of true fraternity.
They went along a journey towards the united world building bridges: in four stages
•        taking the first step,
•        coming together,
•        overcoming obstacles,
•        crossing the bridge (many roads towards a united world)
The experiences of the gen and young people, the talks of the Muslim youth and the group of refugees crowned by many artistic contributions made them have a foretaste of the Genfest.
Emmaus and Giancarlo intervened with their experiences in various moments of the programme and gave a strong tone of authenticity and wisdom. The highlight was Emmaus’ conclusion which drew us in universal brotherhood showing us all people as our brothers and sisters, and the Genfest as a meeting point of this family.
Impressions on the spur of the moment:
“It was a little Genfest”
“I would never have imagined coming here and finding people who think exactly as I do. We must remain in contact at all costs. (Dülek, of the Muslim youth)
“These two, your president and co-president have a great wisdom” (Jonas, of the Muslim youth)
If I knew it would have been so wonderful here I would have remained the whole weekend because we cannot leave. (a young man)
Very happy and grateful to God
The youth and gen of Austria