Journée Monde Uni 2012 – Montet (Switzerland)


On May 5th we held the 3rd Journée Monde Uni (World Unity Day) at Montet, entitled “Let’s bridge,” with 120 young people participating from the French-speaking Switzerland.
We worked hard during the previous two months, in an always increasing unity. Once more we experienced the richness of working together.
In the programme we presented the Youth for a United World with deep, personal and collective, life experiences and naturally we launched the Genfest. In the afternoon we held 8 workshops: dance, painting, Chinese culture, visit to an old-age home in Payerne, three of reflection on these topics: The Christian response to suffering, What sense should we give to life?, and a social gaze, How to help a friend in difficulty.
To conclude we saw a video of Chiara Lubich on the art of loving and distributed a card to everyone with the four main points.
At the end of the day it was wonderful to see the luminous faces of the young people, with such splendid smiles.

Here are some impressions:
“A positive and joyful day, the workshops struck me in particular. A great exchange in faith with other young people of the region.”(22 years old)
“It was a super day, full of smiles, joy and friendship. When I live days like this I wish to improve something within me.”(21 years old)
“Be the change that you would like to see in the world”- Ghandi. This day was a wonderful example of this.” (22 years old)
“It’s 10 years that I come to Montet and every time I go back home with unforgettable memories and with a full heart. Thank you to everyone!” (21 years old)
“Thank you for the songs, the hospitality and for making us breathe the freedom of being in God, in every moment of the day. And let’s go ahead towards Budapest!” (25 years old)
“Each of your smiles were like sun rays.”
“I liked the simplicity of this meeting. Thank you for your hospitality and your joy of life!”
“My impressions: The experiences were concrete, daily things. The workshops of reflection – super exchanges! (Sense of life and on suffering) Thank you for your hospitality… I participate in a group of the Word of Life in Vallese!” (28 years old)