'Fluo 2.0 returns!

There are thousands of volleyball tournaments but we wanted to do something that would leave a mark! And in fact the tournament held during World Unity Week left a positive mark, so much so that many asked to organize another tournament ... which we did immediately!

On July 6 starting at 9:30pm and ending at 2:00am the "Fluo 2.0" saw the participation of eight teams with about 10 players on each team and lots of  supporters. Apart from a different venue, everything else was the same: the field, lines,  volley balls etc… The volleyball nets had been specially painted and every player wore a white shirt, to help reflect the lights and the surroundings of the gym.

There was of course no shortage of problems, including a sudden downpour of rain ( when we were unloading the lights from the car ...), and there was some misunderstandings with the renting of  the gym that delayed the start of the tournament ! Each difficulty was an excuse to help each other even more and overcome the obstacle together.

All proceeds, like in the previous tournament , will go to help Genfest!

The youth for a united world in Turin, Italy

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