One day for Genfest!

Every 10 minutes, during the day and the night, a wave of youth arrives from all over the world. Budapest is full of colors, cultures, rhythm, in a universal language shouting: “let’s bridge!”
In the Arena keep going the frenetic rhythm of the rehearsals, sound checks, cut and paste and it’s raining twits and e-mails from all who are coming here and who are following us from home. We received this e-mail from Brazil:

“Our heart is beating stronger and stronger.. here we go! We thought about all steps we have made together  watching the latest videos online. We want to live together even the smallest thing building this beautiful event!
Genfest 2012….We have been waiting for 12 years… 12 years of joy and great experiences to share with the hole world… here we go!”
Greetings from Paraná - Brazil