Focus: June 2012, the Genfest is taking shape

Authors, producers, choreographers, costume designers, technicians, artistic directors and the organizing team put together the pieces developed throughout the past year, composing the mosaic of Genfest 2012, which will take place in Budapest from August 31st to September 2nd, 2012.

In Rome, 90 young people and adults of the Focolare Movement took stock of the preparations for the Genfest. Twelve thousand people have already booked and the seats are practically sold out. The participants are coming from the world over, representing many countries: from Madagascar, the USA, Russia, Portugal, Korea, Chile etc. There are 500 people involved in the production, including the team from Hungary that is organizing the logistics, lodging, meals and institutional contacts.

“Let’s Bridge” – The programme of the Genfest foresees a range of activities, all aiming at building bridges of fraternity: a concert, choreographies, a Flashmob on the Chain Bridge, exchanges of experiences of daily life, sharing current initiatives and launching the first stage of the United World Project, that foresees the setting up of a Permanent Observatory of practicing fraternity and its recognition by the UN.
Many of these moments will be transmitted on live streaming and can be followed on the event’s channels on social networks.

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At the start of Genfest year May 1st 2012 – May 1st 2013, in live streaming

Let’s bridge - Building bridges of brotherhood from the ground up

The breaking grounds open with a worldwide youth rally of the Focolare Movement. In one year’s work, milestones include the focal point Genfest at Budapest, from August 31 to September 2, 2012. The worldwide event will gather youth of 150 countries, all moved by the same idea, which is also witness and social action: universal brotherhood. Preparations are in full swing everywhere, including thousands of ideas, strength and imagination in raising money and inviting friends. All of these are opportunities to build bridges of brotherhood.


With the May 1st Meeting at Loppiano connecting with the worldwide live streaming at 12:00 (GMT+1), that will allow thousands of young people from Syria to Japan and Nairobi to Sydney to share testimonies and present projects with the 1500 participants at Loppiano, in light of the Budapest date.


A year dedicated to universal brotherhood including the launch of the United World Project, a global youth network creating a permanent Observatory of brotherhood practices recognized by the UN.


To learn more and to follow the worldwide live streaming (active from 11:00 GMT+1): (click on “LIVE” in the main menu bar)


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Genfest 2012 - Let's Bridge

What? The Genfest is a meeting of thousands of young people from different countries, ethnic groups, cultures and religions, all motivated by the same ideal: to live every day and every situation for universal brotherhood, to build a more caring and united world. They meet to share projects and daily experiences.

Born in 1973 from Chiara Lubich, foundress of the Focolare Movement, the Genfest gathers together: Who? The Youth of the Movement, but not only them. The circle is extended to all those who dream of a more human and just world. You are all invited!

Why? Because every human being, whether they know it or not, is searching for love and unity and can become an agent of change. “Don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to you”: the first step is found in this “Golden Rule,” present in all world religions.

When? From August 31 - September 2, 2012: 3 days of interactive workshop for a united world. How? By changing oneself to change the world and build bridges of brotherhood and unity.

Where? In Budapest, the Hungarian capital. The events will take place throughout the whole city and the main event will be in the Sports Arena. We are expecting over 12,000 young people and 3,000 volunteers are already working for the event.