“Let’s bridge”: to launch bridges and weave relationships with others

There are so many activities in the world through which the young people try to overcome barriers. Some will be shown in Budapest.

The Genfest will also be for the 12,000 participants a moment of exchange of experiences that the youth all over the world have carried out for years, on economy, art, social problems, intercultural dialogue.

Living for universal brotherhood is expressed in daily choices, concrete actions in relating with others, lived in the light of the “Golden rule”. The young protagonists will talk of these in Budapest, from the youth of Cairo to those of Holy Land, from a Buddhist Thai to a group from Burundi. There will be sharing of personal experiences and activities that show the youth’s commitment in crisis caused by catastrophes, natural calamities or conflicts, and how young people face the challenge of the diversities in religion or culture, with a wide-ranging dialogue.

The project United World Project, that will be launched in its first phase right in Budapest, aims to highlight and promote the brotherhood lived by individuals, groups, nations. They will also give birth to a Permanent International Observatory, recognized by the UN.


Press Release n.5