From Turin

Here in Turin we have planned two appointments for this WUW 2012.
On Saturday evening (05.05.2012) we gave life to what we believe was the first fluorescent volleyball tournament in Italy! It was the idea of two young people, “Enjoy the fluo” is a volleyball tournament with a peculiarity: you play illuminated only by UV lights which make the t-shirts, lines on the court, ball and net fluorescent if they are treated beforehand with special varnishes.
Despite various difficulties we were able to accomplish our project! On Saturday we had 7 teams that had entered, that is about 90 participants, without counting all those who just came to watch or to support! Each player was given a little kit: a bottle of water, some cream for the body to paint oneself and become fluo, a voucher for a free drink at the bar and the leaflet of the Genfest.
We played from 9pm until about 12:30pm, interrupting only 10 minutes before the final to explain and say something about the Youth for a United World and the Genfest.
Everyone seemed thrilled about the evening, us “organizers” first of all: we enjoyed the happiness of our friends… and the fact that our team came second!!!
Here you can see a short video of the evening ( while on the page “Giovani per un mondo unito – Piemonte, Liguria, Valle d’Aosta” on facebook you can find some photos!

On Thursday the 10th, the Africena (African supper) has been planned: an evening dedicated to Africa! But we’ll tell you all about it… as soon as we have lived it!

The Youth for a United World of Turin