Christmas on the street

Nicolas, on behalf of all the Youth for a United World of Santiago (Chile):
"One hundred youth were involved in the “Navidad en la calle” (Christmas on the street): an activity that we have been doing for some years now with street people in the neighbourhoods of Yungay and Brasile…. And this time we celebrated Christmas together with them right on December 25th.  
The Word of Life prepared our hearts for the coming of Jesus in each of us, in the midst of everyone and especially within every committee that we set up to take care of the different aspects: from wrapping the gifts, to setting the tables, even serving them as waiters. Each detail was thought so as to give dignity to these neighbours of ours, who do not often feel it. It was a celebration full of love, as they deserved. ... To be coherent to the Gospel always stood out for us, so as to give Jesus in the most faithful way. It was really like this....  

We felt unity in every corner; love inspired us and attracted. And once again, neither the historical social divisions, nor a very hard year with the youth world, were able to cancel the joy of that unity experienced in this 'fragment of real brotherhood' during our “Navidad en la Calle.”

We are going ahead without stopping, to build our dream: a united world!"