“Y4UW” Movement Central Secretariat

We are speaking about the central core of our life as Y4UW from all continents, so as to be more widespread in the whole world.  
The secretariat is formed by two directors, and some volunteers also contribute to their work, as well as some of us Y4UW who personally work there.  
Through it, we can concretize the principles of the Y4UW, with numerous projects and events at a local and international level; trying as much as possible to involve also the other expressions of the Focolare Movement.  
In addition, through the secretariat, we can quickly intervene in an organized way to respond to humanitarian emergencies, thus allowing the Movement to act in an effective manner.

Contact us:

Y4UW Central Secretariat
Via San Sebastiano, 37
00040 Rocca di Papa (RM) – Italy
tel. +39-06-94792089