“WAYS OF PEACE”: our appointment in Jerusalem

The meeting in Jerusalem is the next step after Genfest 2012, where 12,000 young people gathered in Budapest from all over the world.

Why Jerusalem?
As Youth for a United World, our greatest desire is to witness universal brotherhood in every place we are. Therefore, how can we forget Jerusalem? It is a city of contrasts and divisions but also the cradle of an ancient culture, mingling of peoples and religions and ever since its existence, it is called to be a city of peace.

1st May 2012: we opened the Genfest Year with the slogan “Let’s Bridge”. Throughout this year we have devoted ourselves towards the ‘building of bridges’ in every corner of the planet.

1st May 2013: We want the meeting in Jerusalem to be a historical milestone and a significant moment in the implementation of the worldwide Project launched at Genfest 2012: “United World Project” (www.unitedworldproject.org).

What’s the purpose of the trip?

To build bridges of peace and reciprocity, putting into practice the golden rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

We long to meet you there!

Arrival at Jerusalem on 24th April and departure on 2nd May.

Cultural and artistic events, workshops with the international musical bands: “Gen Verde” and “Gen Rosso”.
1st May: worldwide broadcast of the peak moment with appointments in the interreligious and academic fields.

On Air!!!

We are many here in Loppiano. The program has already started! Follow us on Facebook through our live transmission and on our Genfest website.

Let's bridge VOLUME ZERO

We’re preparing for the Meeting of May 1st. The theme of the Meeting in Loppiano this year coincides with that of the next Genfest, a global event which will be held in Budapest from 31 August to 2 September 2012, entitled "Let's Bridge"...

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An event not to be missed

The year dedicated to the Genfest will conclude with the United World Week 2013.

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See you in Budapest

The day is coming to an end, but we’ve just started to build together Genfest 2012!

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