Butterfly Effect


GENOA: the Youth for a united world are busy with the Run4unity, were they will be presenting the Genfest and they have a stand to sell raffle tickets for “Butterfly Effect”: here below you can find the interesting explanation, almost a true story.

The story begins at Cremona, from a humble dressmaker by the name of Angela. This was a decent job that helped her to support her growing daughter and, when she could, she would give small amounts of money to the missionaries in places far away for their daily survival. In response Angela received letters of acknowledgement describing the works that they were able to take ahead thanks to her contribution: they wrote with words full of thanks, affection and passion for the mission taken on in that particular poor country.

By chance the letters arrived in the hands of another lady from Brugnato. Her name is also Angela. Touched by the content of these letters she drew very colourful butterfly wings on each one. She had them framed glass on glass so as not to lose the content, convinced that these actions of solidarity may produce positive effects also on many others.

Why butterfly wings? Because at the inside of the theory of chaos you speak of the Butterfly Effect: you can imagine that a simple movement of a particle of air, generated by the flap of the butterfly wings, can cause a chain of movements in the other particles up until a hurricane breaks out on the other side of the world.

On October 25th, 2011 Brugnato was struck by a terrible flood. The Youth for a United World, young people of the Focolare Movement, stepped in straight away together with many others to help those affected. They kept in touch with Angela and followed up with a visit to Brugnato because the families were still in obvious difficulty despite the immediate emergency help that was given. Angela wanted to circulate the Good that the young people brought to their town. And so she decided to give them the precious pictures with the letters of the missionaries with the aim of further spreading the Love received by the flapping of the wings of the “Angels of the mud” as the young people were called.

The funds collected by the sale of raffle tickets “Butterfly Effect” will therefore go to the Youth for a United World of Africa so that they can physically make this Love travel, making it possible for them to participate in the Genfest – worldwide meeting of the youth of the Focolare Movement that will be held at the beginning of September in Budapest: a trip that otherwise would not have been possible. It will give these young people the possibility of living a growing experience in confronting and exchanging with other cultures, with the aim of breaking down barriers of indifference, prejudice and egoism, looking ahead towards universal brotherhood.

Who knows if at Budapest or in other cities of the world we can continue to flap our butterfly wings and how much Good we can give!

The Youth for a United World of Genoa