From Rosario

This year the Youth for a United World of Rosario, Argentina, will hold different activities for the World Unity Week. The first appointment will be the Holy Mass for Unity where young people of different Catholic movements will participate to emphasize unity among all. In the past years the Youth for a United World did little skits on the streets, this time they’ll do them in Rosario’s urban city buses: in different points of the city, 3 or 4 youth will go in the buses, do the skit and distribute leaflets saying who we are and what is the World Unity Week. To conclude, in Spain Park, one of the most important points of the city, we’ll have a “mateada,” that is, an activity where we will drink mate, a typical Argentinean infusion. It will be a moment of celebration with all the young people, playing the guitar and showing that unity is possible. Let’s bridge!