More echoes of the WUW 2012


We are the Youth for a United World from Burkina Faso! On May 1st, there were 25 of us who gathered together to begin the World Unity Week.
In the initial presentations we realized that, three or four of us, attended the same school and so we came up with the idea to do something together there.
We continued with sharing experiences on what each one does to contribute in building a united world in our own environment.
It was also the occasion to launch the “Health Day” activity  and together we decided to clean an orphanage of our city from top to bottom. Our challenge was that each of us had to bring another young person with us for this activity. We all left one another with joy after a delicious tea break held together, fruit of our communion of goods.

Instead, at Man the particular thing was that this year the WUW coincided with the celebration of the Movements in the Diocese  wanted by the bishop. It was the first time that it was being held. We were all committed in preparing choreographies, dances, prayer vigils and the Forum.

One of the most beautiful moments of the evening was the concert which told the story of Chiara Luce, with dances, songs and choreographies. It transmitted everything with much harmony, simplicity and joy…. From the comments of the participants we understood that it was moving and very much appreciated.

The evening of Saturday, May 5th, while we were still at the concert with the other Movements, one of our friends died in a car accident. It was very strong for all of us to commit ourselves in preparing all that was needed for the funeral, flowers, songs…. Despite the suffering, there was a lot of peace, reciprocal love and each one fully gave of themselves with a lot of responsibility.

Let’s bridge!
Aurora and Paul