We held a concert in support of the blind. Tickets sold out in only three days was a wonderful sign! We were not Muslims and Christians, but children of one Father, … and in unity with everyone who was living the WUW throughout the world.
The welcome we received from the youth of the Orano community went beyond all our expectations.
The concert title was “Jeunes pour un monde uni” (Youth for a United World) and it was a super success! The rehearsal weekend helped to build strong bonds of brotherhood among everyone.
Then, the theatre was packed: 500 people; others remained outside because there was no more space….
There were six groups participating. Some were more well-known by the audience (instead, for those of Algeri it was their first time in public); some were professionals, others less, but all received the same enthusiastic applause. With the Andalusian music, as it is a custom in our culture in moments of celebration, many got up to dance. For lack of time we were not able to sing the two songs that we, YUW, had prepared, but nothing was lacking: the true message had already been given through reciprocal love.
We gained a large sum for the Blind Association and it was also a unique occasion for a sincere and deep reciprocal donation in which each one took seriously the idea of living for peace and unity in the whole world.