At Manaus, with the youth for a united world we planned a programme for the whole WUW!
We watched the live transmission of the opening of the WUW and then on the social networks we launched phrases and concrete activities to be put into practice during that week. On the internet, we also shared positive news, full of hope, writing about the WUW, so as to inspire people to peace and fraternity. In those days we collected food to help the victims of the floods in the Amazon.
The community meeting of the Movement, where we read the Word of Life every month, also took place during the WUW and it was animated by us. We held forums on some laws of Brazil, in order to get to know them better and understand whether they contribute towards a united world, looking at them with eyes of fraternity.
It was a very formative moment, truly wonderful!
To end the WUW, we thought of going towards those who are excluded and many times invisible in our society.
All together, that evening after the community meeting, we prepared soup to take to the poor and drug addicts who live in the squares of the city centre.
We went to meet them early in the morning and it was a unique experience for us, that we will never forget.
Getting to know the reality of those people, listen to their stories and their needs, it made us realize that truly only love can heal the wounds of our society and change the world.
We returned home under the rain and tired, but with joy in our hearts that cannot be explained with words!