Gergely Samson (26)- works in a wine shop, and studies meteorology

A united seems a bit abstract, don’t you think?
The first thing that comes into my mind when talking about a united world is that we are all brothers and sisters. I believe that no insurmountable obstacles exist between us. With the Youth for a United World, I met many people who are willing to work for this in their own surroundings. In this way, little by little, the big words become reality. I, too, try to do my part every day.
You experienced the life of being with completely different people, culture, in a country far away from yours....
Yes, I spent a year and a half in Portugal, which was a very powerful experience. I wanted to immerse myself in the society, I wanted to be like one of them and I feel like I was able to, even quite well. Understanding another culture helped me discover my own values, my ’being Hungarian’, and finding my place in the world. I found many friends of the Focolare Movement in Portugal, and I have to thank them a lot. But I didn’t want to close myself in a ’Christian circle’. I also had great relationships with my colleagues there. For me, it’s important to be open and not wanting to build a ’united world’ inside four walls. Of course, this has many risks, but if you ask me it’s totally worth it.
Only weeks left ‘til Genfest, what can you say so far?
Certainly, I think that it would be neat to host my foreign friends. :),It’s also a great opportunity for us as Hungarian youth. We can build something huge together, something that echoes among the people, and will certainly bring about much fruits in our own lives. I think it’s important to become visible, and to generate a reaction in the society. There’s a need for positive news that proves that it’s possible to live in a different way.
What do you mean by “live in a different way”?
Well, I can briefly explain it like this: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Everyone understands this, regardless of the culture or religion. This phrase gives me a guideline to live by daily. For example, It happened to me that I had to do a bit of work outside my working hours because I knew that if I didn’t, my coworker would have had to do it the next day.
Now it occurs to me: you speak another ‘universal language’…
Music plays an important role in my life (percussion, bossa nova, electronic music). This too, can be a good way to “build bridges” between us.

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