Can I hug you to say thank you?


"I only had a few minutes to buy myself a sandwich, run to the track and get on the train that was about to leave.  
A pale and sweating youth drew close to me. He asked me for 20 cents to be able to have enough to get something to eat. 
Even just the time necessary to open my purse seemed too long: I could not risk losing the train. And then... what if he was not being honest? 
Suddenly, a thought came to me: this is my brother. 
"I am running to buy a sandwich, can I offer you one?” 
While we briskly walked, he told me his sad story. He had a home, but he had lost his job and was hungry. Outside of McDonald’s he told me: “Maybe I’ll wait out here because you may be ashamed to be seen with me.” 
“Why? Come on, I’m happy to do this!”
Then a lunch bag for him, and a lunch bag for me, and a quick good-bye. 
But he turned around and said: “Can I hug you to say thank you?”
And this is how in the Termini train station, a brother said good-bye to me."