Kinga Jànossy (21 years old, 3rd year of Industrial Planning and design): Hungary


How did you get to know the Youth for a United World and what did you like about them? 

One day my cousin invited me to go camping with her. The Youth for a United World were also there: I immediately found myself at home with them. In the past I had met many communities: with some of them I enjoyed myself a lot, but there was no seriousness, instead others were only spiritual, there was no relationship. Instead here I found spiritual deepness and the joy of living, I found myself with people who are truly “on the ball.”

How do you “recharge your batteries”?

For me it’s important to live faith TOGETHER: we meet together weekly in small groups to help one another and reciprocally reinforce one another in our proposals. What I like in the Focolare Movement is that the people involved are not “impossible” to follow, but each one can be “a good example” for the other, and support each other.
If I can, I go to Mass daily. The day is totally different starting it in this way, it gives me the right direction. 

What do you concretely do with the Youth for a united world?

I’m one of the organizers of an initiative which involves us and our friends in donating blood. This idea came about seeing that there are very few occasions for us young people to meet together in “normal” circumstances: with prayer meetings which are too spiritual or only parties. Instead here we can also invite our friends who are non-believers. Therefore, the goal is not only to have fun together but also to do something for others.

What do you say about the fact that the Genfest will take place in Budapest?

I’m really happy!:) I’ve never participated in a Genfest, but when we tell others about it, inviting them to participate and we look at the videos of past Genfests, I become really enthusiastic about it! I can’t wait for the Genfest because we’ll be able to experience a totally different world, in which young people of different cultures have the same goal: to love one another.

How are you preparing yourself?

An idea came to mind: every time I see a bridge or I cross one, I say a prayer for the Genfest. I told this to the other young people and many are doing the same. We are also trying to invite as many people as possible first to live and then, naturally, to participate in the Genfest.